Blacksburg EP

by A Contrail To Follow

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    A posthumous 3-track EP, recorded on and off between February 2009 and the present in Blacksburg, Virginia by the very patient Dan Jaasma.




released June 11, 2012



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A Contrail To Follow Toccoa, Georgia

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Track Name: Things beneath our feet
If you're staying in tonight
I'll crack your door
And empty my pockets on the floor
Cos there are things beneath our feet
That you don't see
And I've been saving them now for weeks

And I built for your birthday
A box in the yard
A box full of bees and a suit to keep
And on days when there's sunshine
They'll fly out in the world
To bring you the gold that holds your health

And if I hold too tight
I will again tonight
Cos if places change
This is all I've to keep
Track Name: Safest
Clear, the earth’s a mile below
I’m leaving them all because they know
And oh, oh

My instruments say I’m in control
But on my own is my mind whole?
And oh, oh

The windshield broke and split the view
I cut the belt and prayed for you
And oh, oh

And though I fall
And though I fall
And though I fall I’m safest here

Track Name: Blue, yellow, green, red
If my brother plants his children, blue
Loved and placed in the earth before their birth

May the sun that rises, yellow, in comfort stay
And green these costly seeds, and all I say

And if I struggle, red, with my brother in the womb
Then tie to his ankle now the thread, for he is chosen and I am led

And if I've things to do and they’ve nothing to do with you
Then tie to my neck the stone that I first threw