May God make our beginnings

by A Contrail To Follow

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    Our first project, recorded at our house on Orlando Dr. and at the West Building in the summer of 2004 in Toccoa, Georgia. Many thanks to Jamey Bozeman, who helped us record the drums.

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released August 28, 2004



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A Contrail To Follow Toccoa, Georgia

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Track Name: Meeting and passing
Track Name: The gift outright
Today the clouds overhead
Were the unmade sheets
Of an upstairs bed
The open windows blew
They drifted to the sky,
The floor and I

Left lights on and an open door
And all the flights delayed
By the coming rain
Left empty contrails that blew away
And the jet set to take you circled above their cover

So we stand off the airfield
I in my t-shirt and you in my coat
And here beneath the rain
Soaked to the skin, we begin
And nights spent here with others before you came
Are remembered just the same

To place these lips between bleary eyes
A Judas kiss, and honest answer to my lies
I will fly my ship beneath the crossed and bleary skies
To find the orphan there, and hold him when he cries
Track Name: Greenpeace
What once was
A landscape in flux
Is now conserved
By a green man
And a metal sign

The outer banks are alone
And Jersey waits

Cos this afternoon
The outer banks had company
Two, cos three's a crowd
And in your company
I, like this tidal beach
Fear the public eye

So on this abandoned dock
Covered in ocean spray I'll paint
A greenpeace flag
To protest and preserve
Two, cos three's a crowd
Track Name: I have found something new
I used to wonder
Now I've found the brilliant proof
Unwound my brilliant youth
And I, I seem to be lighter
It seems to be brighter here
Track Name: May God make our beginnings
I need your smile, not your frown
I need this life, this pause of sound
But something could change you, something could mend
This perfect day and night may end

I need this wind, and your hair unwound
Our time of silence has left me unsound
If we've developed into friends
May God make our beginnings, meet our ends

If I could explain what's in my head
If I could say what's been left unsaid
If you could forgive me and let things mend
Our time of silence could end